Marketing Resources for Startup Founders

It takes a ton of time to find good resources that actually provide useful actionable advice instead of too much fluff. For that purpose I curated this list of the most useful resources that will help you learn more and waste time less.

Websites with useful insights:


Indie Hackers

Marketing Example

GTM for Startups


HubSpot Blog


The best content to learn about marketing:

Myk Pono

SEO specific:



BuzzStream Discover (a great tool!)

Find bloggers who write about your topic. Enter for example “Kanye West”, filter “within the last 30 days” and Buzzstream gives me a list of all 440 bloggers who have written stories about Kanye West over the last month.



Design specific:

SaaS pages

The same folks created also the SaaS pages builder Versoly

Copywriting specific:

Good Email Copy ( a tool by Front)

Podcasts (learn while on the go):

Marketing Trends 

Packed with useful advice by thought leaders in the space